Friday Five!

Happy Friday! First, a quick apology - I have been crazy, insane busy of late. As a result, I've neglected visiting and commenting on blogs, neglected responding to comments and emails, neglected...well...everything! I am attempting to get caught up this weekend, but you know how that goes. In the meantime, THANK YOU to my new followers who comment and visit and make me happy every day! THANK YOU to those who recently gave me a few blog awards - I promise I will pass them along soon. THANK YOU to my fellow campaigners who have taken the time to try to get to know me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Okay - on to my musings for this Friday.

  1. I like this whole campaign thing! So much so, that I really wanted to make sure YOU knew of some of the new people I've met. Below are five writers (randomly picked) from my YA group. Go check them and their blogs out. Some are just getting started. Others are well established bloggers and authors. I'll feature some of my group members weekly so everyone can get to know them. I mean, isn't that what this is all about??
  2. I am about 1/2 way through the last read through of TRANSCEND before I send it off to betas. I am very happy with this read through - other than a few scenes that need adjusting, it really isn't as bad as I'd feared! Let's see if I still feel that way AFTER my CPs and Betas shred it.
  3. I entered my first pitch contest in a very LONG time, and let me tell you....I am rusty! Luckily I have friends that help me out and allow me to terrorize them with my endless questions. Wanna see my pitch??? Hmm.....I think I'll wait a bit to share. 
  4. I am beyond happy that it is Friday! I don't know about you, but the intensity of this school year is already killing me.
  5. I have NO IDEA what to write next! None. And that is stressing me out a bit. See, my CPs and I share progress updates about our current projects nightly. And well, in about a week I am going to have NOTHING to report. Mind you, they are cranking out 4K a day....and me...yea, I'll be lucky to have a viable idea to even stew on. AHHH!!!!
How was your week?


  1. Can so relate to being too busy. And the school year is killing me too. 3 days of being up at 5:00 am for my daughter's swim practice, picking her up after practice everyday, and weekly swim meets. I'm happy to support her but it's kind of a torture of being too busy.

  2. I always think I'm busy until I visit the blogosphere and read some other writer's blog (like yours). Having said that, though, I really was kinda busy this week - actually doing writerly stuff for a change. =o)

  3. Busy, busy and did I say busy? That's before I even get to my writer stuff. But somehow, I managed to make it to Friday without too many injuries as I slide into the weekend.

    Your inspiration for a new project will probably come from some unexpected place or a blurt you make will pop an idea into your head. That's the muse for you.

  4. You are busy! I think we all are. So... don't feel pressure with me adding one more thing to your plate. I'm just so glad I found your blog. Thank you for opening all our doors to a new world. We love sharing the journey with you. And... have honored you with the Versatile Blogger Award! Congratulations!

  5. I feel like I'm neglecting everything too. You're not alone in your neglect!

    Good luck with Transcend.

    My week was good. After the strange week before, I'm getting used to my new job and my new night class.

  6. I know what you mean about being busy. I just got back from vacation, but it feels like I never left! September is going by so fast! What the heck!

    Good luck with Transcend! It's Monday as I type this comment, but I already wish it was Friday again. :P


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