Wherein I spill my secrets...YIKES!

Hi there! Last week, my good friend Rebecca Knight tagged me and asked me to spill my darkest secrets - or at least 10 random facts.

So, even though I think I am boring times a million, here you go - random facts or secrets that promises to be TMI

  1. I obsess about...um...EVERYTHING. No really, I do. I obsess about my house, my job, the friend that seems mad but maybe isn't, the manuscript that is sorta good but maybe not good enough. It's exhausting
  2. I once when shark diving. Coolest thing EV.ER
  3. As much as a can talk a good game - I am pretty chicken when it comes to extreme adrenaline activities. So, I may say I really want to try spelunking (and I do) - but I am way too scared to actually do it.
  4. I had a dream of competing in a triathlon once. I finally had to come to terms with the fact that it will never happen - especially since I hate running now that my knees are just...old!
  5. I'm old. No really....compared to my writerly friends, I'm pretty certain I am the oldest!
  6. I have not necessarily aged well. In fact, I gained weight. Far too much weight. The good news, however, I have lost a nice percentage of it recently. I still have a ways to go, but YAY!
  7. When I was in third grade I was obsessed with the play Macbeth. I even convinced my friends to re-enact it at school. Little did I know that would later influence some of the projects I am now writing.
  8. Before I decided to have children, I wanted to be a profiler. There is just something about understanding the minds of crazy people that is fascinating to me. Once I had kids, however, I knew I could never do that job. Never. So now, I write about crazy characters instead!
  9. Some of my favorite non-writing activities include gardening, cooking, cross-stitching elaborate tapestries, reading, and hanging out in nature (beach, mountains, etc). I only wish I had more time for those things now!
  10. One of my ultimate dreams is to go diving on the Great Barrier Reef. I am hoping to do that with my daughters and husband one day.
Okay - enough about me. Time to tag a few others. I want these people to tell me their wildest dreams - or just a few random facts.


  1. LOL awesome! Seriously, we are so like it's kinda scary :D

  2. I obsess about everything too. Sharks? Yikes! Congrats on losing some weight. Keep going!

  3. I like to do cross-stitch too! And sharks, I think I'd be too scared to do that.

  4. We have a few things in common too. I've been known to obsess about everything and I hate to run. Although I have said it would be cool to complete a triathlon... I do mean for the person I'm talking to, not so much me.

  5. I wish I had more time for hanging out at the beach too, LOL.

  6. Sharks? Oh dear...that was an adrenaline kicker in and of itself. You are so much braver than scaredy-cat me.

  7. Oooh, great list. I feel you on the obsessing thing. I tend to do that too. And sharks? Uh... no.

  8. I've snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef. Thus ends my interesting facts. :)

    I'll have to do some serious thinking! Thanks for including me.

  9. Hi fellow campaigner, thanks for coming by my blog! Great interview with Michelle Zink btw.

  10. The more I get to know you, the more awesome you are. :D *hugs*

  11. Hey you!!! Yeah, I feel like I'm an oldie too (but goodie) and just as obsessed! So twin powers activate!! :D :D Sharks, wow!!!

  12. Awesome giveaway! Thank you!:D


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