Monday Musings - Getting through the month

Okay, I'll admit it - this month is CRAZY BUSY! I spent Sunday updating my calendar for the next few weeks and all I can say is HOLY COW - I literally do not have one unscheduled day between now and Labor Day Weekend.

On  the one side, the time will go quickly.
On the other side, I will have little time to breath.

I sort of knew this was coming - it was the reason for last Friday's post about balance. But, man...seeing it in writing was crazy intense.

So, what does this have to do with this post? I think I am going to streamline my blogging schedule a bit. I will blog three days a week on my Gifted Blog. I think I am going to adapt the same thing here, on this blog. So, starting next week until whenever, I am going to be blogging 3 days a week - M, W, F. I will continue to do Bookanista posts when I have a review to post. And yea, that's it. Of course, if I am part of a blog tour or something else, things may change. 



  1. Sorry about your crazy busyness. I hope you find your balance and everything evens back out for you soon. Or if not, that you hang onto your sanity until after Labor Day. :hugs:

  2. I can so relate to the crazy schedule. I just want it to slow down. And school starts in September for my daughter. Yikes!


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