A SCARY SCENE IN A SCARY MOVIE - My kind of story!

HAPPY THURSDAY everyone! I hope you are all enjoying a fab summer with lots of fab books! I'm back at work, but I am still reading, reading, reading! And so are the other Bookanistas - just check out the list:
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Now, on to my Bookanista Shout out for A SCARY SCENE IN A SCARY MOVIE by Bookanisto Matt Blackstone

Release Date: July 5, 2011

Basic Blurb: (from Amazon)
Rene, an obsessive-compulsive fourteen year old, smells his hands and wears a Batman cape when he’s nervous. If he picks up a face-down coin, moves a muscle when the time adds up to thirteen (7:42 is bad luck because 7 + 4 + 2 = 13), or washes his body parts in the wrong order, Rene or someone close to him will break a bone, contract a deadly virus, and/or die a slow and painful death like someone in a scary scene in scary movie. Rene’s new and only friend tutors him in the art of playing it cool, but that’s not as easy as Gio makes it sound.
Why I liked it: 

Honestly, there was a lot I liked about this book. But the standout thing for me - Blackstone's characterization of the mc. I LOVED IT! I work with many teens, and some of them are diagnosed with OCD. This was a great characterization of that type of teen.

What else did I like? The humor. There are some amazing one-liners in this book.

Enjoyable from cover to cover! Great job Matt.

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