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Happy Friday everyone. I finished my first week back at school and didn't die. GO ME! But, I did get very clear on just how hard it is going to be to get everything finished that I need to get done. Between the day job, being a mom and wife, and the writing (you know, writing time, blogging, social networking....) I am not certain how everything is going to get done.

So, I have a question for you -

How do you guys balance writing, blogging, social networking and everything else you may have going on? I'm looking for ideas...



  1. I think balance is an internal thing. I try to do my best while not putting too much pressure on myself or feeling guilty when lacking at one or more of my 'jobs'. I keep things in priority- the kids and family come first. My writing comes second because it's part of who I am and what I need to do to feel balanced. Social networking is something I think should be fun and productive. It's not something I do just because writers are supposed to or because everyone else is. I enjoy my blogging time and the time spent visiting and commenting- keeping up with twitter/facebook/goodreads/google+ etc is probably the last in line for my time but I do the best I can and try and keep up.
    Writing time for me is in the mornings. I take care of kids first then write my blogpost and then concentrate on writing for a couple hours-whatever I'm doing- revision, first draft, critiquing, etc...
    Blog time is in the afternoons for me when the kids are napping. And I just kind of check into the other social networks throughout the day. HTH!

  2. I find that I can't do it all-yet. Kids and family come first. And then I either write or exercise--my dream would be to do both. But I find that exercise helps my writing, and both help my peace of mind. But I don't have time to do both right now--when I'm into one, then the other gets less time. But all of my kids will be in school in the fall, so I'm looking forward to getting more writing time in, and making myself a priority. :) Can't wait to see what other people say.

    Oh--also, even though I don't have a lot of time to write, if I seriously write for an hour a day, then I feel good about the progress I'm making. So that's always the goal. :)

  3. I blog a lot less than the "experts" say I should. When I have time, I'll write extra ones to post later or schedule them to be released. And also, what Creepy Query Girl (http://www.blogger.com/profile/18115161057496086972) said above!!

  4. Right now, I am failing at balancing everything. And unfortunately, it's my writing that suffers. What I will say however, is that I truly cherish the moments when I do find time to write/blog/etc. I wish you luck though. It's tough sometimes, ain't it ;)


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