On the Romantic Side!

"Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things." - Denis Diderot
I blogged last week about writing dark stories. Now, just because I write dark stories, does not mean I leave out the romance! In fact - I love a little romance. Not only the more typical things we think of, but in the broader since of relationships characterized by passionate or intense bonds.

I write YA, and YA characters are pretty intense by nature. Attraction between the characters usually has an almost obsessive quality to it.  And while my characters don't cross the "sex" line in the physical nature of their relationships, there is a strong physical element - the first kiss, the nature of their touch, the mental aspect of their physical attraction - all of this is woven throughout their intimate scenes.

Conflict is a necessary part of fiction.  And my romantic scenes always have a conflict element to them. Betrayal, denial, torment - all of these are enhanced when there is a romantic dynamic to them.  And given what I have said before, about pushing my characters to the breaking point, you can be sure that the romantic element in the stories is part of the way in which that occurs. 

What about you guys? Romance or no romance in your stories? 


  1. I think romance can add a lot to a story, but it's not always necessary. And I'm a little over books whose plot is overwhelmed by the romance, but I do like books with some romance in it. I like how you're using romance in your stories though. :)

  2. Definitely romance, but not as the main plot. I like other things to be going on as well. Like you, when I write, I focus on the fun getting-to-know parts, the initial attraction, the first kiss, rather than anything nitty-gritty (which personally I feel is a bit beyond the scope of YA, and not needed).

  3. I just read Lisa Mangum's series and I think she did this so well. Yes, I definitely write romance into my books, but it's definitely not as much physical as it is an emotional connection.


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