Multi-Tasking and Writing - A Bad Combo for Me

As most of you know, I wear many hats - writer, psychologist, mother, wife, Band Booster, Team mom, etc, etc, etc. Some of you have asked me, given how I must obviously multi-task in my life in order to handle all of those roles, do I multi-task when it comes to writing? Do I juggle multiple projects at the same time?
The short answer to this...

In my regular life, I am a major multi-tasker.  I learned how to multi-task as a buyer.  I mean, when you need to juggle multi-million dollar buys, with merchandising, marketing and still meet a personal sales quota weekly - you had better get good at doing many things at once.  When I switched careers and started practicing school psychology, I found that my skills at multi-tasking enabled me to do a lot more in that setting as well.  I am able to coordinate projects, keep track of multiple cases, conduct professional training throughout the district and county, and handle both my counseling and assessment caseloads with ease. And yes, juggling the many hats I wear absolutely takes some serious multi-tasking.

However, things are very different with my creative endeavors. In the beginning, I tried to multi-task with my writing, focusing on a WiP and a different project for revising at the same time.

Um...BAD IDEA! I just can't juggle multiple writing projects - not even projects in different genres. I do a lot better creatively when I focus on one thing at a time.

Currently, this means finishing edits on TRANSCEND so I can get ready to query it. Once that is complete, I have a NF proposal to finish for my editor, and another WiP just DYING to be written - plenty of things to keep me busy through the end of the year.

What about you guys? Can you handle many projects simultaneously?  Or are you better focusing your efforts on one thing at  time?


  1. For me, it depends on the project and where my brain is at. A couple years back, I could successfully write new words on a WIP and edit a different story (new words on the week days and edit on the weekends), but I fell out of the habit when life got too brain-taxing. Now that life is calming back down, maybe I'll try to get back to that again.

  2. I try... but then I usually end up jumping around between them so much that nothing gets finished!!! I've had to come to grips with the fact that I'm a one-project-at-a-time writer, as much as I want otherwise...

  3. I'm not good with multitasking, I think because my brain isn't good at rapidly switching gears. Sometimes I do take a break, which for me, is stopping work on one project to do something on another, usually smaller one. Maybe I should give it a try, though.

  4. I think I'm way more productive when I focus on just one project, and even then, I'm like "omg, I'm never going to finish." At most, I might write a little scene for something else if its really itching to be written, but I try to do one thing at a time.

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