Getting to know the Fabulous Christina Farley

I love getting to know different authors. And it's even more fun when the particular writer I am interviewing gets some fabulous signing with her dream agent! This is exactly what happened when Christina Farley and I spoke about interviewing her for my blog. In the midst of getting the interview finished she signed with an agent. How amazing is that?!? You can read about the agent-signing here. 
And now - I bring you the fabulous Christina Farley:
{{And how cool is it that we have the same initials...LOL!}}
CF: Why did you begin writing? 
cf: I had this crazy idea to start working on my bucket list. Writing a book was in it so I wrote this awful first book. I knew I had a lot to learn, but I was hooked!
CF: Tell me a little about your personal writing process? 

cf: I write first drafts very fast. I’m good at buckling down and getting it written. It’s the revision aspect that I’m just starting to get a handle on. And really that’s what sets apart the okay books from the great ones.
CF: What is the hardest part aspect of being a writer? 

cf: Not being able to write full time. I’m guilty of being jealous of writers who can wave goodbye to their children at the bus stop and get to hit the WIP.
CF: How do you manage to balance writing with other real-life things (like children, etc)?  

cf: I have to plan my day well since I work, have kids and I’m taking classes. So most of my writing is done late at night or early in the morning. The less I sleep, the more I write!
CF: Where do you find your inspiration? 

cf: Chocolate! J A lot of it comes from my travels and of course my wild imagination.
CF: What is the hardest aspect of finding an agent? 

cf: I think it was trying to figure out who was the right agent for me and my project. Before I signed with my agent, I asked a lot of questions and researched the agents I was considering. I highly recommend Casey McCormick's blog: Literary Rambles  
CF: Is there any advice you would give other new writers? 

cfRevise. Don’t give up. Know that every word you write, even every book you write is all part of the learning process. I thank God every day that my first book didn’t get published!
CF: Random facts time:

  • Ebook or book? book
  • Salty or Sweet? sweet
  • European vacation or Tropical paradise? can I say both?
  • Laptop or pen/paper? laptop
  • Most inspiring author and why: C.S Lewis. He really pioneered the fantasy genre for children’s writers. He wrote far beyond his time. I also think he wrote beyond just a good story, but also reached for the heart too. He’s timeless and a genius.
CF: What is your current project about (in 140 characters or less)?

cf: It’s about a Korean American girl with a black belt, a deadly proclivity with steel-tipped arrows, and a chip on her shoulder the size of Korea itself. 
CF: Is there anything else you would like my readers to know about you or your books?

cf: Visit my blog at ChristinaFarley.blogspot.comand say hi!

Thank you for stopping by Christina, and CONGRATS again on signing with your agent!


  1. Yay, Christy!!! Great interview! :)

  2. Great interview, girls! I hope you're able to write full time someday soon, Christy. : )

  3. Congratulations, Christy! So excited for you! Your book sounds awesome!

  4. Thanks guys and to Christine for a fun interview!

  5. Wow! Fantastic, Christine. And all the more worth it and amazing because of your busy schedule. Congratulations!

  6. Great interview! And congrats to Christina!

  7. Great interview, and congrats, Christina! How very cool. :)

    I hear you on the busy thing.


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