Bookanista Love for Write On Con (and some great writing advice)

HAPPY THURSDAY everyone! In honor of Write On Con, and the fab Bookanistas - Elana JohnsonLisa and Laura RoeckerJamie Harrington,  and Shannon Messenger - involved, several of us have decided to show a little love for WOC by posting our own writerly advice. Check out Beth RevisJessi KirbyStasia Ward Kehoe, and my post below for some fun advice, peptalks, and writerly insight.

And, I know you MUST have your regular Bookanista reviews, so...
here you go:

Carolina Valdez Miller and Shelli Johannes-Wells are passionate about POSSESS
Bethany Wiggins howls over HOW TO TAKE THE EX OUT OF EX-BOYFRIEND
Scott Tracey is awed by ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD
Gretchen McNeil is spellbound by WITCH EYES
Shana Silver serves up a Maureen Johnson double feature of THE LAST LITTLE BLUE ENVELOPE and THE NAME OF THE STAR
Carrie Harris is in a frenzy over STUPID FAST
Matt Blackstone blog From Bedside
Veronica Rossi loves LEGEND

And now - some of the best advice I've ever gotten about writing:

  • Read, read, and read some more.  And not just in the genre you write.  The more good books you read, the better you write (from Cassandra Clare)
  • Act like a professional writer from the beginning. (from my Blog Chain mate, Sandra)
  • Read your stories out loud (or use a text to voice app). (from another Blog Chain mate, Kat)
  • To become a better writer, you must write! (from my HS creative writing teacher way back when)
  • Always remember these rules for writing practice:  Keep your hand moving (in other words...don't stop until your writing time is over); Lose control (or keep that inner editor quiet as you write); Be specific (show, don't tell); Don't think (another way to keep the editor out of the way until revisions); Don't worry about the mechanics (that is for revisions); Feel free to write te WORST junk EV.ER; Go for the jugular (if something scary happens, step into that fear) - ((all taken from Natalie Goldberg's Wild Mild)
There you have it - some of my fav advice.
Your turn...what is the best piece of advice you have received?


  1. Love the advice! I think you've covered all the bases. :)


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