And the winner is...

Wow, is it Wednesday already??? This week has been beyond insane. So, instead of a fab post...I am just gonna let you all know who won the fabulous CIRCLE OF FIRE contest from last week....

Congrats to:

I hope you enjoy the book and fab swag. I'm certain you will.

And, be sure to stop by tomorrow for an amazing Back to Books Giveaway Blog-hop. I will be giving away THREE of my favorite summer reads. Trust me, this is not to be missed!!!

How are things going for you???


  1. I am alive this morning, and I had the opposite reaction. "Man, it's ONLY Wednesday? Crap." Hope you have a great day!

  2. Thanks so much Christine, I can't wait to read Circle of Fire! :0)

  3. I kept thinking yesterday was FRIDAY. Not good. :)

    Congrats to Miranda!

  4. Yay Miranda! Enjoy your book.

    Friday will be here before we know it

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