The Problem with Hope...

I have a feeling this post may cause a little...IDK....discussion. As the title suggests, I am going to talk about hope - but not in the typical sense. More in the uh-oh sense.

I think holding hope is a good thing, a times. It's important in this crazy writing business to maintain a positive outlook. But, there is a problem with simply hoping for something to "happen" regarding your writing career - for hoping for the fabu agent to make an offer, or hoping one of the big six buys your book, or hoping readers react well to it.

The problem? Hope does NOT equal action.

I'll say that again - hoping is NOT the same as doing.

To often we tend to rely on hope as a substitute for actual action. But hope alone won't improve your writing, or land an agent, or get a book deal or raise sales.

Taking action is the real answer. Take a writing class, attend a conference, read more books, research agents,  market your books, build your platform - these are all actions that WILL get you closer to your goals.

So what do you think? Is hope alone enough?


  1. Exactly. You can hope you win the lottery, but if you never buy a ticket, you're out of luck. The only time hope works is when you've put in the effort, but the decision is out of your hands. And when hope fails? Work harder and hope again.

  2. You're so right, Christine! You can't sit around and wait for things to happen. You have to go after them! :)

  3. I agree with you 100%. Hope should be the motivating force behind our action; it isn't a substitute.

  4. I absolutely agree with you! Hope is a wonderful thing, but it works best after lots and lots of hard work. Great post!

  5. Great point. Hope is good until it becomes a form of procrastination. :)

  6. Very good post, yep. I agree totally. You have to put your hopes and dreams into ACTION. To risk being vulnerable and getting rejected. Multiple times, even. You have to risk discouragement from critique feedback, and be strong enough to bounce back and make those changes in your manuscript and learn and grow. Action, action, and perseverence!

  7. You're right. Hope can be a double-edged sword, and I suppose I've had my moments when I've hoped for something without working towards it. It's those times when we need a post like this to kick us in the pants and get us moving. Great post, Christine.


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