Oh the Options You Have...

There is no doubt that publishing is changing - and changing fast. These days it is not uncommon for authors to publish in tradition, e-book, and self-publishing formats. To highlight some of those who are taking risks and forging their own paths in this ever-changing landscape I am dedicating this week to the many paths of publishing, featuring some posts, links, interviews, etc.

To start things off, here are a couple of links to recent posts about the changing landscape of publishing - one to a post I did for Tristi Pinkston's blog, and one from the ever-fabulous Rachel Gardner.

Check those out, and them come back every day for some exciting stories of how different authors in different stages are tackling this changing world.

What so you think about the changes?

Oh, and before I forget - I wanted to wish a quick CONGRATS to Corie Rice, winner of the signed copy of CRYER'S CROSS. WOO HOO!!!

Happy Sunday all!


  1. Change is definitely comining. Agents are now helping their clients to self-pub their backlists. It'll be interesting to see how this all turns out.


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