Imaginary Girls - a deliciously dark tale.

WOW! Can you believe it's Thursday already?? I've been very busy in party prep for my teenager's epic birthday bash this weekend (thus the lack of post yesterday)...

But, I did manage to find a little time for some reading.

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On to my Bookanista Shout out for IMAGINARY GIRLS by Nova Ren Summa

Release Date: June 14, 2011

Basic Blurb: (from Amazon)
Chloe's older sister, Ruby, is the girl everyone looks to and longs for, who can't be captured or caged. When a night with Ruby's friends goes horribly wrong and Chloe discovers the dead body of her classmate London Hayes left floating in the reservoir, Chloe is sent away from town and away from Ruby.
But Ruby will do anything to get her sister back, and when Chloe returns to town two years later, deadly surprises await. As Chloe flirts with the truth that Ruby has hidden deeply away, the fragile line between life and death is redrawn by the complex bonds of sisterhood.
With palpable drama and delicious craft, Nova Ren Suma bursts onto the YA scene with the story that everyone will be talking about.
Why I liked it: 

There was so much to like about IMAGINARY GIRLS - the writing, the storyline, the characters. For me, though, it was the tone of the story that really drew me in. Haunting, with themes of love and loss, I found the tone of this story mesmerizing. It is a deliciously beautiful and well-crafted debut. Great job Nova Ren Suma.

So...what are you reading? What was your favorite book this summer?


  1. Right now, I'm reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. Favorite book this summer? Oh, you had to ask that. There are so many good books I've read that picking a favorite is hard - even when you limit it to 'summer'. Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby was pretty awesome, but so was Face of Danger by Roxanne St. Claire and The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan... and others too numerous to name Still, I'm going to have to say that since June 21st, my favorite read was Princeps' Fury by Jim Butcher.

  2. I'm reading Imaginary Girls right now and totally see what you mean about the tone. It's an intense, fascinating read!

  3. I have to be honest - I had not heard of this one! Shame on me. It sounds wonderful. I will add it to the TBR list.

  4. Deliciously dark is a perfect way to describe it. I was so moved by this story. Nova did an amazing job.

  5. This summer I was lucky enough to learn about and read two excellent memoirs, In the Mirror: A Memoir of Shattered Dreams by Ann Carbine Best and Following the Whispers by Karen Walker.

    I am delighted to be a new follower. And I’ve left a reply to your comment on Bird’s-eye View,

  6. I'm going to start this one soon, and I'm very excited about it!


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