Haste, Denial, Abandonment....yes, I AM talking about writing!

Here we are with part 2 of my recap of the sins of writing. Yesterday, I covered predictability, sloth, gluttony, and disrespect.
Today we'll cover the last three.

Sin #5 - HASTE - I am SO darn guilty of this one. You know, sending out your ms before it's ready. Now, I'm not just talking about sending it to agents or editors early - I mean your readers too. I am a firm believer in NOT burning out readers with multiple reads. Not only is it, well, rude. But you will never get as good a read as you do the first time. So, be careful about burning through readers - and always save a fresh set of eyes for the end!

Sin #6 -DENIAL - I think all of us can come up with reasons for WHY we aren't where we want to be with writing. Maybe we haven't gotten the agent/book deal/whatever we hoped for. Or maybe we are too busy with children/day job/other responsibilities. Or. Or. Or
Maybe you are exactly where you want to be - but you aren't growing as an author anymore, your time overly usurped by your other obligations - marketing/promo/etc
Regardless of what is true for you, excuses do NOT solve the problem. Action does. But you can't take action until you own up to the truth of your situation - whatever it is - and make a plan to move forward.
Nuf said!

Sin #7 - ABANDONMENT - This is a deeply personal one for me. It refers to abandoning your manuscripts. Now, it is true that some mss were not meant to be finished or revised. They were practice. But if you find yourself regularly abandoning your work, you need to look at this!
For me, I abandoned 4 GOOD mss last year. FOUR.
That is ridiculous!
I really don't have good reasons for it. I stopped because the writing got hard. Or a crit was particularly harsh. Or I got lost within the plot. Or. Or. Or.
The truth -
So, don't abandon if fear is the motivation. See things through to the end.

So, what do you think? Like these sins? Any we should add???


  1. Denial is the one I fight. I just have to stop listening to myself and get the writing done.

  2. *raises hand* I am guilty. GUILTY! Of all three of these. Sigh. Trying to mend my ways. Fear is so deeply ingrained. Fear of failure, of not being good enough, of harsh criticism. I would dearly love to wrap fear up in a blanket and shoot it on a nuclear warhead into outerspace. But then in might infect the aliens. Sigh.

  3. I have been guilty of every one of the seven writing sins at one point or another. I've found that having supporters - my critique group, for instance - in my corner helps me keep the sins at bay.

  4. Great tips. I have to admit that I spend too much time blogging when I should spend more writing.

  5. There should be one called TMI (Too Much Inspiration). I am guilty of this one and it leads to lots and lots of ABANDONMENT.


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