A Fourth of July Shout Out!

Happy Fourth everyone in the US! Whenever a holiday comes a long, I get a little grateful and take time to think of those that mean a lot in my life. Today, I thought I'd share a bit about my writerly buds...

We all know that writing buddies are an important part of this business. But for me, it goes way beyond just the crits and safe places to vent. My writerly buds are the best darn cheerleaders in the world. So, I wanted to take a moment and give a very LOUD and PUBLIC shout out for Elana Johnson, Ali Cross, Danyelle Leafty and Michelle Mclean. My own personal cheer squad! 

Like any good cheer team, the flyer (me in this scenario) is supported by four VERY IMPORTANT cheerleaders – the bases, the front spot and the back spot. Let me show you how my four writerly buds 
support me just like the squad supports the flyers!

Front spotter Michelle – she is there to make sure I land safely and to ensure I don’t come CRASHING DOWN. And trust me, Michelle has been there to support me every time I go flying – whether it’s off a cliff or into a new project.

Back spotter Danyelle – Her job is to help launch and protect my stunt, something she does beautifully. Through her daily support I know that I am NOT alone in this business.

Bases Elana and Ali – I couldn’t even consider doing this without these two. Every single day we talk in some form. Every single day we support each other. And every time I am ready to fly again, they are there, launching me to bigger and bigger heights and making sure I come home safely.

All four of them make sure I successfully complete every attempt to fly. And when I crash, ‘cause boy, do I ever crash, these four are right there to pick me up, dust me off and make certain I try again.

They are my squad, my family, EVERY THING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who are your cheer squad members??


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