Books/Movies/Summer....OH MY!

What a fabulous summer this has been. Yes, I said "has". Sadly, I am back at work on Monday. To be honest - I'm kinda looking forward to it - the structure, getting this set of a good year, etc. But, I'm also sad to see my lazy days of summer slip on by.

I set out to spend the summer doing four major things:
  1. Catching up on books in my TBR pile
  2. Seeing some of the FAB blockbuster movies - especially HP 7.2
  3. Chillaxin' with the family and catching up on some of the to-do list
  4. Finishing revisions on my current project
Yea, I was seriously OVER REACHING!@!*?

Yes, I did read 7 books - all fabulous. And yes, I saw HP 7.2 (BEYOND EPIC), got caught up on my fav TV shows on movies on DVD, and chillaxed with the family. I also got the entire to-do list done (with the exception of the garden).

Productive, yes?

What I did not quite finish - my revisions.


I made loads of progress. More importantly, I really like the product. It is turning out more haunting, more thrilling, and . . . well . . . more than I had hoped.

So, a definite win.

How was your summer? Any big news??? School year starting soon???

Oh! And I wanted to give a quick shout out to my Tween Erika. You have seen her reviews every so often as part of my Bookanista Reviews. Well, she has her FIRST how-to arts article being published in an international kids zine soon. GO ERIKA!!!! I'll give you more deets once I have them.


  1. Summer? It was too short, too hot and not as productive as I would've liked. The kid goes off to college 8/18 and then I should have some time (and some free brain space) to write again. Until then, I'm scattered.

    Congrats to Erika! Way to go!

  2. OMG, your school year is starting again already?! I feel like summer finally got into swing in July! Then again, I'm working full-time now, which kind of makes summer less exciting than it used to be and just makes me more stir-crazy because I'm not at the beach in this beautiful, sunny weather. Haha.

    Congrats on your productivity! I need to spend August getting more productive! :)

  3. Being homeschooled, the schoolyear never really ended 'round here. :)

    Congrats on your writing progress! And congrats to Erika.

  4. I love your beautiful happy attitude!!

  5. I know how you feel. We push ourselves to get so much done, but we rarely can check off every tick from our to-do list.

    I finished editing a manuscript and started querying. I wrote a short story that's going to be in an anthology in the fall. But I wanted to get something new done (or at least make good progress) and get a job. Those two things haven't really happened yet. I'm working on it.


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