Blog Tour Fun with Eisley Jacobs

We end this fun week with a stop on the Virtual Tour for Eisley Jacob's book BORN TO BE A DRAGON.

Take it away Eisley:

First off, thank you, Christine, for hosting me on your blog today! When Christine emailed me, I don’t think she had any idea her Diversity Week would fall during my first week of launch! So it’s quite awesome and ironic, since today’s post is all about how I got from Point A -- the finished manuscript -- to Point Z -- independent publishing.  

I started on this independent publishing road back in November 2010. I’d decided to stop querying (after the 80th time) and do some research on this enigma called independent publishing (self pub). Who was going indie? How was it going? What are the advantages? Any disadvantages? Immediately people began popping into my field of vision -- folks who had always chosen this route and others who were at the end of their first launch. Because the writing community rocks, people had no qualms when it came to answering my questions. I discovered there are a variety of reasons people indie publish. Sometimes a book is too long for a traditional house. Sometimes it’s not the right season for the topic to sell to the houses. There have been too many of a particular topic in the industry lately. Some authors want total control of their work. 

This got the noggin on fire. To think, in a few short months I could have the writer's ultimate dream come true! I could have a published book. However, there were still those doubts in my head. Is it good enough? Was my editor sufficient? Does the story drive the child (I write middle grade fantasy)? Is… Does… How… What if… Ahhh! Now, let me just tell you, this is a terrible turnstile of thinking, because it just goes round and round and round until you feel your head is going to explode. I don’t know if it ever ends either… most authors will tell you the same. The road doesn’t end when you have glue on a spine; it’s only the beginning. 

The advantages of independent publishing far outweigh the disadvantages for me. The advantages start with my having complete say with what happens in my manuscript. No one tells me to fix that scene in that chapter because the publisher doesn’t like it (happened to a friend). I have control over the cover (I love my cover!), page color (white or cream?), size, number of pages… and on and on. You, as the indie author, have control over every aspect.

Now with that very control could come a disadvantage for some people. As I said, you are in control of everything. Everything! The channels of distribution, the marketing, the promotional material, scheduling signings or appearances, blog tours, sales, etc. This “disadvantage” could be the key in figuring out if this is a road for you. If you think you can keep yourself motivated and ignore the naysayers (because there will be some), then  you too can start down this indie road. Weigh your options heavily. Analyze the pros and cons for each venue and nitpick your choices. One will shine over the others.

On day two of my Scavenger Hunt, I told the watchers (a vlog on fellow indie author, Kristie Cook's site) the future of publishing is… “so bright, you’ve got to wear shades.” It’s true. And when folks ask what my plans are for my next book or series, they ask if I will try the traditional route first, and I struggle with the answer. It was a lot of work, but it’s been such a rewarding process! There have been parts I’ve loved… and hated. So I have to debate where to go next. 99% of me says I am going indie all the way, unless a publisher wants to pick up my series (for mass marketing). So, unless something in me changes, this is the way I will go for my YA series – RINGS OF TIME and the other books in the DRAGONS FOREVER series. 

If you have any specific questions about how the road has been for me, I’d be glad to answer anything I can! Thank you again, Christine, for this awesome opportunity to talk about this journey! It’s been amazing!

Thanks Eisley! I LOVE that you've stopped by. And be sure to stop by her blog today and get in on a great contest she has going.

So - how was the week? Learn anything new? I know I have!


  1. another great interview!! :D This has been an awesome week, Christine, thanks for all the great posts!

  2. So interesting! I keep debating if this is the route I want to go or not. I haven't even finished revising my first book, but I like the thought of independent publishing. I don't know... We'll see! Wonderful post, both of you!

  3. Thanks, Christine, for the guest blog today.


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