Serious Tuesday Truths...Glee Style

Happy Tuesday everyone. It is no secret that I watch a little too much reality TV. Or that I love Glee. Well, when the reality TV show, the GLEE project, started this summer I just had to start watching it.

And MAN OH MAN!!! In each show, the contestants make a music video on a certain theme. This week' topic was vulnerability. All I can say


Here, watch for yourself -

See what I mean...AMAZING!

I think being vulnerable as an artist is essential to connecting with your audience. For me, this means being willing to "go there" 100%. - finding the courage to stand in front of the world fully exposed and vulnerable, going to that place I'm most afraid of and jumping off that cliff.

The payoff for that level of vulnerability -

Connections - to readers, to agents, to humanity. Isn't that why we write to begin with?

How do show your vulnerability as a writer or artist? How do you "go there"?


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  2. Here you go...the link is fixed now. Thanks for alerting me IguanaTom

  3. OH my! I am a GleeK all the way! That made me teary! What an amazing group of kids! *hugs them all* THAT is why I do what I do in my classroom and why I would like to write for them (if only I could figure out what)! Thank you Christine!

  4. OMG, that video made me cry! My mom and aunt just tuned me into the Glee Project when I was out visiting last week...sooo good!

  5. I think this is why I wrote my book, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, to show how everyone has something they are hiding. Even the popular girls have secrets they don't want to share with anyone. I loved this video, because it shows how vulnerable everyone is and how everyone has some kind of secret they are keeping. I loved at the end when they shed their signs. It's how everyone should relate to everyone. Beautiful sentiment and thank you for sharing it with us.:)


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