I'm Here!!!

Hi everyone! I am finally done moving the blog. Not only did I move my blog over the past week. But I also redid my website and my twitter page . Next up, re-designing my old blog and FB page.

Whew... Can you say CHANGE???

So, tell me - do you like the new look? 

Now, part of redoing everything happened as a natural result of refining my online presence. And part of it was, quite frankly, a diversion to completing my WiP. I know, I know...I must finish this pass on my novel and move on to the next level of editing. But yea...I did this instead!

{{As a side note, my need for a little change is SO BIG this summer, I am seriously contemplating a major hair style change...that's right, bring on the scissors and get ready for SHORT, VERY BLOND HAIR....YIKES!}}

So, what about you guys...do you like to play around with your online personae? Or maybe even your RL personae??? Change is good, right?


  1. I change my blog all the time because there's so much of me to share.

    It looks good here, Christine!

  2. I love it here! Perfectly suited for you. And I think your reasons for moving make total sense. A lot of work for you (keeping up on two blogs) but I totally get it.

    And yeah on the hairstyle change! You have beautiful hair, but it's so fun mix things up now and then!

  3. Love the hairstyle idea, Christine--do it, do it!!!! :D

    Congrats on the new look. Change is good. ;)

    Ahem. May I make a request? I want to read your wip. Please, please, please???? (I'll send you chocolate, for realz.)

  4. I love a change every now and then. I've been known to cut my hair two inches long when I'm really feeling the need for change. My blog basically stays the same though :P

    But I love the new look! And post a photo once you get that dramatic haircut ;)

  5. Ah, I do like the decor! You must tell me your stylist. My little Jaquline could use a new do. :)

  6. Change is definitely good, though it can be hard. Good luck with the haircut! Going short is always scary, but when I did it a few months ago, it turned out fine. :) Of course now I'm going long again. Haha.

  7. I tried the link here via your website, but it didn't work. Dunno if it's just me or if there's a bug in the system. Either way, I thought I'd let you know. ;)

  8. I think I already said this, but I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK!!!

    Big Time!

    Welcome to the Blogspot.

  9. I have enough change IRL right now to hold me over for awhile. That said, I do plan to freshen up my blog this winter; what that will look like I'm not sure yet.
    LOVE the new look!

  10. Welcome to Blogger! I'm following now. Hope you like Blogger as much as Wordpress...I know you liked it there too!


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