Saturday, July 16, 2016

#Free books and other news...

Hi all! It's been a BUSY summer. I'm finishing up the final book in the Solomon experiments, Reckoning. It'll be out in late summer. I'm also finishing up the editing of the Requiem Series for re-release as well. To bring these two great series to you, I am having a few sales:

As the picture states, Collide, Book #1 in the Solomon Experiments, is #FREE on Amazon until July 19. Now is the perfect time to jump into the series people have called "a fast moving, suspenseful thriller". 


Speaking of free books, the re-launch of the Requiem series has begun! You can pick up Broken Wing #FREE on all platforms (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes) Broken Wing, formally published as Dies Irae, tells the story of of Mikayel and Azzazziel,angelic friends  turned mortal enemies. The Requiem series has been called "gritty, dramatic [and] heart-wrenching". Get your copy of the prequel #FREE today.


Summer hasn't only been about writing and releasing new things. I've also used the time to redo my website. It's so clean and pretty now. Here's a quick shot of the home page:

You can check out my webpage at

I still need to clean up my blogs and link it all, but yeah - it's coming along.

Finally, I wanted to say thanks to all of you that have been so loyal to me, my writing and this blog. I have some great things in store in the future for all of you. I'll be at Comic Con next week, so I may not be around much. That is, except for daily posts about the con and several FB Live events on my FB page. I hope you enjoy the fun I plan on bringing next week . 

See you all soon!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer ReBoot and ReCharge

I love summer! It's a time to reboot and recharge. Now, most of this feeling came from the fact that I was off from work for most of summer. Now that I no longer work a typical educator's calendar, I don't have the time off. That said, I still use this time to regroup.
This year "regroup" means a few things: re-evaluating my writing career, revamping my blogs and sites, and formulating some new goals. Over the next few months expect to see changes to the look of this site and my website (it's getting a complete overhaul!), as well as changes to my Intense Life site. There will also be some new things in store with my writing. I am excited to share everything with you.

What does summer mean for you guys? Do you regroup during the summer months as well?