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Wherein I sing Happy Birthday and drive more than 5000 miles!

Happy Friday Everyone! Today is my beautiful Teen's birthday - so before I can do/say/write anything else, I MUST wish her the very best of birthdays. This one is particularly impacting to me - the LAST birthday of her HS career, my teen is driving, preparing for college and standing on the threshold of adulthood! It is a strange place for me, indeed.

We are having a very small celebration for her birthday this year - just a bunch of her family and friends enjoying Wreck It Ralph at our community movies-at-the-park Friday. Fun, low key and perfect given our epic road trip starting on Sat...

Which leads to the next part of the conversation. As I am on the road (literally! Just check out the picture above - we are literally driving across country and back) for the next 2 weeks, and starting school immediately after that, the blog is going dark until 8/11. At that time, I am revealing a new blogging schedule, a new look (part of which you can see here already), and other exciting news.

The summer has been amazing. But I still have SO MANY MORE things to do before settling into the school year in August. I guess I'd better follow ever-amazing Ali Cross's advice and go all #writingninja style when I return!

See you on the flip side. And be sure to check out my FB page and my author page for fab pictures of the trip...


  1. Happy birthday to her! And safe trip! Can't wait to see you!


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