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BLOG CHAIN: True Confessions About My Career

It's Blog Chain time again! But before we get to the topic, I want to say a huge WELCOME to our newest blog chain members:

Such an amazing group of people! Today's topic comes from Sandra who asked the following:

Have the recent changes in the publishing industry affected your writing plans/career? If so, how?

Looks like it's time for a reality check. I am excited about the changes in the industry - I think any opportunity to bring great content to more readers is a great thing. I own an iPad and love reading on it. I love the ideas of enhanced ebooks, etc, etc...
Anything to get readers excited about reading.

All of that said, the changes are freaking me out a bit. So many people are e-publishing, so many are asking me if I plan on doing the same. And every time, I am unsure how to answer.

In truth, I respect my friends that have made the decision to self-publish. It takes a lot of courage and dedication to pursue that dream. And while I am sure I could do it, I am just not certain it is the right thing for me right now. I'm still wanting a more traditional route, with the hopes that Digital and Traditional publishing have their "Kumbayah" moment.

I recently hosted an interview with PROPHESY OF THE SISTERS author, Michelle Zink. In that interview I asked her a very similar question about the future of publishing. Her answer summed up my thoughts on everything -
I'd love to see us come to a place where buying a paper book is like buying the Blu-Ray version of a DVD. It would be awesome to buy a paper book and get a download code for the e-copy, too. I'd pay more to get both in one shot, and I think people would then be incented to continue buying paper books even if they had ereaders
That is a future I can certainly get behind! And one I would be very happy to embrace. I dedicated a week to alternative publishing endeavors a month ago - the future is really bright for writers!

What about you? What doe the future look like for you and your career???

To read more about this fabulous topic, check out Jon's post before me, and Abby tomorrow. And be sure to come on back Weds for a double-post: The start of a FABULOUS contest blogfest in which I am giving away a bunch of my fav summer reads, and the start of a new blog chain! WOO HOO!!!


  1. yeah, all the changes freak me out a little too. But I like that writers have more options open to them. And I love Michelle's quote :D Totally agree!

  2. I haven't read any eBooks yet. All this new technology is so confusing!

  3. I was skeptical about the ereader. I had to have the book in my hands, smell the crisp clean pages...yeah, I'm a weirdo. But when I got my ereader I read more. A lot more and I love it. I don't choose books based if they are self pubbed, if i like the cover and the blurb, I'll buy it. As an aspiring author I am excited, though not yet ready to leap with epubbing. I want a team in my corner. But you never know...

  4. Oh, wow. I never thought about it that way, but Michelle is totally right! We always buy blue rays that are a digital/blueray/traditional combo pack. Seeing that feature in books would be amazing!

    I think it's important to embrace the changes in publishing right now. And, like you, I'd like to see that Kumbaya moment. As far as self-publishing goes, I've seen people do it the right way, spending money to produce a top-knotch product, with great success. But I also think it's important to stay true to your dream. Follow your Zen. ;)

  5. Interesting idea about making the e-book version of a book free with the paperback. It looks like a way to entice more people into reading e-books. However, I personally prefer reading books on my Kindle now over paper ones, and as much as I admire the paper books already on my shelves, it's nice not having to worry about finding space for more of them.

    I don't think paper books will ever disappear completely, so the best way to reach as many readers as possible is to do both e-book and paper. I plan to prepare e-books first and then release paper versions later.

  6. As I was reading your post, I realized I forgot another major point that I had wanted to talk about. I think the changes in the publishing industry are allowing for a greater sense of creativity with books and stories. More than ever before we can create visually stunning images that coincide with our author vision.

  7. Okay, my comment was about me, this one is about you: I don't think paper books will disappear for a long while, if they ever do. But, as the youngest generation grows older, the overall sentiment for paper books will die out...with us. I am sure many of us intend to bestow a love of reading from a hardcover book upon our children and perhaps that will keep paper books alive for even longer than I think. Like how I am being vague with my timelines?

  8. Hello fellow campaigner. Very interesting post. So much is going on.

    John Locke's deal with Simon & Schuster to keep his e-rights really has a lot of people shouting for joy on one side and drumming their fingers on the other side anxious to see what will happen next.

  9. I don't think I could do e-books because with another full time job, I could not be responsible for all the marketing. And I need the skills of an editor.

    I hope I have a writing career with published books some day but as the breadwinner of my family, I am grateful to have a stable, job with a paycheck. The uncertainty of publishing is what makes me most nervous.

  10. I think it's a personal choice really. No right or wrong. Just what works best for you. I'd definitely go the self publishing route though. My attention span isn't long enough for me to jump through the traditional hoops.

    Stopping by from the Campaign!!

  11. It's hard not to be freaked out when everything is changing. It just means that we have to be brave, be sensible, and just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. :)

  12. Oooh, I love Michelle's answer. That would be a perfect mix of technology with those of us who still love to hold and read a book.

  13. This, for sure! I think publishers would go a long ways if they included a "free" digital copy with every hard cover.

  14. The lovely thing about self-pub, is that you can easily do things like that (provide a free ebook download code with the paper copy). I do just that with mine (those I sell from my own site for now, though I'm working on a way to put it in all my paper copies), and there are other self-pub authors doing the same. :-)

  15. The changes are freaking me out a bit too. It would be awesome if there could be a happy medium between the two. Great post! :)

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  17. Just the thought of people asking me in what manner I plan on publishing a book is pretty awesome (because it means I actually have a book to publish LOL). Seriously though, this is a great response. It would be great if there weren't this great disparity between the two choices, huh?


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